Enterprise Mobility Management

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Enterprise Mobility Management

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Enterprise Mobility Management

THERE ARE DAYS LIKE THIS… your cell phone slips out of your pocket on the train or your company laptop is stolen from the car or you infect your tablet with a computer virus. On days like this you should a) not have gotten up at all or b) should have had a sensible enterprise mobility management system. Because then the company data would now be safe. And as the saying goes – if you have an umbrella with you, the sun is guaranteed to shine. 

Einer Frau wird ein Mobiltelefon aus der Tasche geklaut

We play it safe:

We enable secure working anywhere and efficiently integrate all mobile devices into the company‘s IT.

We take care of device security (MDM), koodinieren die Vernetzung und installieren einen einheitlichen Premium Sicherheitsstandard, der die control of the data flow and sovereignty over the apps.

We also have the secure BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) solution available for employees who want to use their private devices for work.

We are also available as a servicepartner and provide regular updates. However, there is one point in which we as service providers are still really old-fashioned: our understanding of good accessibility.

Enterpise Mobility Management

We speak from experience:

Our team of specialists adapts the scope and orientation of enterprise mobility management precisely to the specific company needs.

With ivanti we have a partner with products that impress in practice both in terms of safety standards and high customer satisfaction. Even us. And that‘s why it is also used at our locations.


Anna left her tablet on the bus on the way back from a meeting. The tablet contains sensitive business figures for the company.

The solution: The Mobile Device Manager (MAM) can be used to remotely delete the data and lock the tablet! In addition, the mobile device is rendered unusable.


Jan‘s smartphone was attacked while on a business trip. There is a risk of data leakage because he uses his smartphone for private and business purposes.

The solution: The BOYD container principle. Thanks to the segmentation, Jan can use his smartphone privately and work in a shielded area.

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