Information Security

Information security is of great importance at Novobit. On the one hand, this shows that our employees are continuously sensitized and trained. On the other hand, our two locations in Braunschweig and Tunisia have valid TISAX ®-labels . (TISAX® is a registered trademark of the ENX Association) Our expertise is reflected in the success of our clients, who have already passed their assessment successfully and live with a compliant ISMS. Regardless of whether you are still at the beginning or need the finishing touches, our consultants will be happy to advise you and support you in setting up your information security management system.

The Process

Why Information Security?

The handling of sensitive data is nowadays of great importance for both clients and clients. Due to digitalization, hackers, for example, enjoy an increased attack potential, which means that the level of cyber security must rise in parallel to give customers the confidence they want to process their data in their company. Therefore, an established and functioning management system for information security (ISMS) in companies is indispensable. Such an ISMS is implemented, operated and subsequently continuously improved on the basis of standards that allow for a uniform structure and assessment basis in addition to best practices. An international standard for information security is the ISO standard /IEC 27 001. A specific model for the automotive industry, however, is TISAX®, which is certified by the ISO standard. /IEC 27 001 was derived. The ISMS is implemented and evaluated on the basis of requirements catalogs (VDA ISA). The evaluation of the ISMS is carried out by ENX accredited testing service providers. Each successful evaluation is confirmed by a TISAX® label. The ENX platform serves as a management interface for publishing, sharing and managing appropriate labels owned by a company. More and more car manufacturers are expecting their cooperation partners and suppliers to have a valid TISAX® label to ensure that sensitive information from the car manufacturer is handled with care. For potential collaboration with a client, it is advisable to proactively prepare for these requirements and thus gain a potential advantage over competitors.