Ausblick auf Braunschweig

   Foresight is
part of our
   daily business

The novobit story

Ausblick auf Braunschweig

   Foresight is
part of our
   daily business

The novobit story

WE COULD NEVER HAVE BEEN A GARAGE COMPANY – MORE THAN A PARKING DECK START-UP. Because as software developers, we see the world through the eyes of a planner. And they want to look ahead as far and as far ahead as possible. We counteracted the local shortage of skilled workers at an early stage by opening a second location in Tunis. This means we can now rely on well-rehearsed international teams and offer the highest quality at an affordable price. And our far-sighted engagement with artificial intelligence will soon result in our work speed being significantly boosted. Even timings will be much more relaxed in the future. WHAT BEAUTIFUL VIEWS!


Our location in Tunis is where the heart of Tunisia‘s forward-looking economic life beats: in a modern business district with the best infrastructure between the “Lagoon of Tunis” and the airport.

Anyone who takes the plane from Hanover-Langenhagen in the morning can enjoy their coffee in the meeting room with a view of palm trees after their lunch break.

Geschäftsführer und Gesellschafter der novobit group GmbH Hatem Hamzaoui

Hatem Hamzaoui
Managing director and shareholder of novobit group GmbH
Managing Director of Novobit Partners Sarl

As a computer scientist, Hatem collected a variety of things experience in the IT industry. Over time, he has not only developed software, but also software companies and their future. Hatem founded novobit in August 2015 and has been continuously expanding the company with innovative, future-oriented topics ever since.

Stephanie Johnson
Assistant to the management and authorized representative

Steffi has been supporting Hatem since 2014 and has helped set up the entire commercial area of what is now novobit. Steffi has been an authorized representative of novobit group GmbH since June 2022 and ensures the right framework conditions.

Geschäftsführerin der Novobit Partners Sarl in Tunis Nada Hamzaoui

Nada Hamzaoui
Managing Director of Novobit Partners Sarl in Tunis

Nada has been managing our location in Tunis since 2018 and has also been head of the Nearshoring and temporary employment department since September 2022.

Years of accumulated professional experience
Years average age of employees


JAN | Founding of the Artificial
Intelligence Department,
opening of the AI Lab

NOV | Move to


JAN | Rebranding from
Tojaq to novobit group



SEP | Hatem, Leila and
CES take over shares
in Tojaq 

APR | Founding member of i3Systems, an association of medium-sized IT service providers with access to a pool of 1,800 skilled workers


JAN | Move to


JUN | Hatem becomes
managing director
of Tojaq in Tunisia


AUG | Founding of
Novobit Services


JAN | Founding of the Tojaq 


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