Individuelle SoftwareEntwicklung

   Elite partner for
Software development

       Ready when you are


   Elite partner for
Software development

       Ready when you are

WE GROW WITH OUR TASKS! A good partnership is characterized by knowing what you have in each other. With us you can rely on the fact that our specialists not only master their specialist areas such as software development, system integration, data analysis or other relevant areas – above all, they can also be quickly integrated into new teams. In teams that are characterized by a dynamic mix of young and experienced team players as well as industry-specific know-how. WITH THIS APPROACH WE BECOME EASILY SCALABLE – EVEN FOR BIG CHALLENGES. Two far-sighted decisions come into play here:



In order to circumvent the shortage of skilled workers in this country, we founded a location in Tunis in 2017.

Colleagues who work here have enjoyed the excellent IT training at Tunisian universities and can therefore be integrated into cross-location project teams without any frictional losses. 

The Tunisian hourly rates are also very popular with our customers.



As a member of i3Systems, we can also rely on more than 1,800 specialists from a strong group of medium-sized IT companies in the Braunschweig-Wolfsburg metropolitan region.

Since we were founded in 2017, we have already carried out many joint projects, especially for large companies where the reliability of large, stable teams is a crucial factor.

Ingo Ruebel Abteilungsleiter SoftwareEntwicklung

“novobit has now proven to be a reliable partner, even for large projects.“

Ingo Rübel
Leiter Software-Entwicklung 

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